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The Master's Protégé Trilogy


The Master's Protégé  Book II

"A 'rags-to-riches' story meets the Renaissance! The story is broken up into three different parts, slowly showing the progression of Celeste's journey as an artist...the detail is absolutely splendid. One of the best parts is seeing actual historical characters come to life, like Lorenzo de' Medici...Her (Celeste's) passion for painting is inspiring! Fans of the Renaissance era will be carried away to a time of passion and art." -Ind'Tale Magazine

"Reading Shades of Brilliance was a joy, and I cannot wait for the next novel in the series. Rich in detail and brilliantly executed!" - Readers' Favorites 5 Star Review.

Celeste's life has gone from wealth and privilege in the highest echelons of Venetian aristocracy to dismal poverty in the slums. With her drunk of a father missing and her mother dead, it falls upon Celeste to protect her younger brothers and sisters from starvation. When the burden becomes overwhelming and Celeste makes plans to escape her wretched life, her wealthy aunt appears and whisks her off to work as a nanny to young Federigo Benetto.

One day, as Celeste escorts Federigo to his art lesson, his maestro, Duke Luciano Vicente, stumbles upon a sketch drawn by Celeste. The maestro immediately recognizes her raw artistic talent and begs her to become his secret protégé. Celeste consents and soon becomes obsessed as she hones her abilities under the watchful eye of Luciano, whom she secretly loves. She blissfully carries on until their arrangement is discovered and she is thrown out onto the street with nothing. Will she survive in a world working against her to achieve her dreams and win the heart of the nobleman she loves?

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The Master's Protégé  Book II

With her marriage in desperate trouble, Celeste must leave on an extended tour of Italy with her patron to save her floundering art career and sell her paintings. While in Milan, she meets a charismatic nobleman who steals her heart. When her challenges escalate and tragedy pushes her to the breaking point, Celeste is tempted to turn her back on all she holds dear and follow her passion. With pressures mounting on all sides, she’s forced to make a decision that will determine the future of not only her career and the rest of her life.

“Author Eleanor Chance has lovingly penned an immersive and accurate work of historical fiction which also hits all the emotional buttons that fans of women’s fiction, romantic dramas, and family sagas will adore.” -K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorites 5 Star Review

“Fighting against traditional gender roles in the art world! Badass women fighting for recognition and their genius in the renaissance.” – Megan Cortez Reedsy Discovery Review

Fans of The Poison Keeper and The Tidelands will find much to love in this heartwarming second installment of the Master's Protégé Trilogy by award-winning author Eleanor Chance.

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The Master's Protégé  Book III

The Last Masterpiece

In one tragic moment, Celeste Gabriele loses all it has taken a lifetime to create. Surrounded by political upheaval and personal turmoil in 1497 Florence, she feels betrayed and utterly alone. Can she summon the courage and strength to conquer her demons and find the love she so desperately craves?

Political tensions are high in Florence under the fanatical rule of Prior Girolamo Savonarola, but Celeste is content. She and her husband, Luciano, share a loving marriage, thriving art careers, and five wonderful children.

Her life is happier than she could have imagined until the day a letter arrives from her brother, Marco, that she never expected to receive. He begs her to hurry to Venice and help him remove their sister, Veronica, from the convent where she’s been sequestered for the past ten years. When Celeste agrees, the decision sets off a chain of events that end in tragedy. Celeste is left to gather the shattered pieces of her life for the sake of her children and forge a path back to the happiness she once possessed.

Fans of Deborah Swift, Philippa Gregory, and Diana Gabaldon will find much to love in this thrilling and heartwarming saga by award-winning author Eleanor Chance

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