Escape into the golden days of Renaissance Italy with this heartwarming new saga by award-winning author Eleanor Chance.

Celeste Gabriele, an impoverished nanny in Renaissance Venice must risk losing all she holds dear, maybe even her life, to pursue her passion of becoming a master painter and win the heart of the nobleman she loves.

Celeste's life has gone from wealth and privilege in the highest echelons of Venetian aristocracy to dismal poverty in the slums. With her drunk of a father missing and her mother dead, it falls upon Celeste to protect her younger brothers and sister from starvation.


Just as she is about to run away and escape her wretched life, her wealthy aunt appears and whisks her off to work as a nanny to young Federigo. One day during Federigo's art lesson, Maestro Luciano Vicente, master artist and Florentine Duca, finds a sketch drawn by Celeste. He immediately recognizes her raw artistic talent and begs her to become his secret protégé. 

Celeste consents and soon becomes obsessed as she hones her abilities under the watchful eye of Luciano. She carries on blissfully until her secret is discovered and she is thrown out onto the street with nothing. How will she survive to achieve her dreams and find the love she deserves?

Shades of Brilliance

The Master's  Protégé Trilogy Book I


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